10 Amazing Commit Messages

Don’t use these!

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Commit messages are one of the most common Git commands. The idea behind them is to create a useful revision history within your organisation. Unfortunately some people don’t didn’t get the memo.

Here are some of the worst.

1. You do understand recursion don’t you? Recursion understands you.

which is totally topped by

2. Anything to do with Hello, World!

3. Row back your problems

followed by

followed by

4. On a 10k line commit

5. You don’t say

6. The jinx for any production system

7. You’re using a Linter, right? That’s a great Idea! Oh.

8. Refactoring makes things better. Doesn’t it?

9. Developers like numbers, right?

Followed by

and…you get the idea.

10. Could it be magic?

11. If you find swearing funny

Any commit messages with a swear word.

Which brings us to the end of our ten commit messages. What? This is 11? Oh s***.


The idea is that you write commit messages to help describe what you have done, right? The idea is that you are working to make things better, not worse. What’s wrong with you? The idea that you are working in a team (even with your future self…wait…is that possible?) should motivate you.

I’ll just save this document. I’m doing this in Word, so I’ll just Save As:

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