5 Essential Tools For iOS Developers

Plus Tips To Make Them Even Better

Steven Curtis
4 min readDec 6, 2022



If you’re an iOS developer then you’re using Xcode (I know, I know, you might not be. I also know that if you’re reading this you probably are. If you aren’t fair enough but I think Xcode is great). Even though it is the de facto tool for iOS developers it is at least reasonably nice and enables you to use the iOS SDK and access Apple’s documentation with ease.

Tip 1: Choose your release

You’ll probably need to download this IDE from the Apple Developer website, but even so it’s useful to have https://xcodereleases.com/ bookmarked. The links take you right to Apple’s download pages and you can choose which version to download. It’s quick and easy!

Tip 2: Spelling and Grammar

It’s so annoying to see mitakes, even in code. Resolve this by using the inbuilt spelling and grammar checker. So do it, please.


I LOVE Swift Playgrounds for trying out some code quickly, and working through problems. I’ve a basic tutorial which allows you to get going on Playgrounds using any Mac, but here is another couple of tutorials that can help you out using this great tools.

Tip 1: Display the UI in Swift Playgrounds

You might not have realised that Swift Playgrounds supports displaying the UI. It’s nifty and means that you can do more than LeetCode problems using the tools. Here’s my tutorial: https://stevenpcurtis.medium.com/display-the-ui-in-swifts-playgrounds-d35a8371946c



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