5 Things I wish I knew before my first day as an iOS developer

No matter how experienced you are, don’t get caught out in front of your new colleagues.

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Being professional is sometimes a challenge for developers. But you really need to fake it until you make it. This mini-guide is there to help you out.

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  • Enough experience to get a job as an iOS developer!

Xcode’s dark mode

Even if you don’t like it

Nothing will make you stand out at your chosen place of work like the glow of your face as the whiteness of Xcode reflects from your skin. You look around, and then see none of your colleagues have this problem.

They’re using dark mode.

Enable this on your machine through System Preferences > General > Appearance

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Indent your code properly

The tabs / spaces argument isn’t funny

Nothing marks out a noob as getting your alignment out of kilter. Or worse.

Fix up your code with a command-a to select all your code, then a control-i in Xcode.

Everything will be aligned just right again.

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Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

Comment your stuff

Make it easy to read, yeah?

Select the signature of your function.

Press option command backslash to get the boilerplate block comment up on your screen.

Then fill it in

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Dest? This might not be in your code, it depends on your function. Ok?

Use multiple screens

You should be used to this by now

Take a window, and drag it to the edge of the screen . Leave it there for a second and the Mac switches to the next desktop.

Use a three-button swipe to move between desktops. Apple guide here.

All the kids are doing it. You should be

Dev-mode up your Chrome installation

Safari ain’t where it’s at

Everyone else is using Chrome. Safari is all nice and that, but everyone is using Safari. Join them. Oh an make sure developer mode is enabled.

Command-Option-I will impress your new friends


You do need to be using Git in any job (don’t accept a job that doesn’t use source control). You’d be well off to start to learn something like vim. But there are always more things to learn (and I’ve helpful written loads of articles to help you out).

But these few things will help to avoid you looking like an idiot in a new job. Make sure that you’re prepared, particularly if other people can see what you’re doing…

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