Can you see the fact it is observing?

Property Wrappers are at the heart of SwiftUI. Want to get your noses wet with this great technology?

Read on to find out all the details!

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This article has been developed using Xcode 13.1, and Swift 5.5.1


* You will be expected…

Strategies to help your software development journey

One of the most difficult (and paradoxically time-consuming aspects) of a software developer’s job is estimation.

So how can you do this better, and provide better software with the time you have?

The Background


When developers make estimates about their work it can affect the success of the whole project, as the…

ViewControllers need to be final

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take a UIView or a UIViewController and use SwiftUI’s previews to be able to have an interactive preview for it?

Guess what: You can.

The UIViewController

Hint: your UIViewController needs to be marked as final (so you can’t use inheritance here — but should you…

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