Apple to Introduce Emotion-Based Programming into Xcode 16

It’s coming

Steven Curtis
3 min readApr 1, 2024
Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

Apple have just announced that WWDC is set for June 10th this year. Looking at today’s leaks at the keynote they plan to announce an incredibly bold move for the Swift programming language.

It’s predicted to merge the boundaries between technology and humans.

It’s called Emotion-Based Programming (EBP), and is sure to become the new way to create applications for Apple’s platforms.

Understanding Emotion-Based Programming

As a developer, your emotional state is already tied up with your coding efficiency.

This simple yet profound concept is utilized by Xcode 16 to directly integrate emotions into code..

Through a combination of advanced facial recognition software and a smart wearable device, such as Apple’s new mood ring, Swift can now gauge a developer’s emotional state in real-time and adapt accordingly.

How It Works

Using the optional Mood ring, the FaceTime camera on your Macbook and other signals your emotional state is measured.

As your physiological markers change Swift dynamically adjusts the coding environment to suit the developer’s emotional needs. This…