Create Your Own Fun Festive Snow iOS App

Create it from Scratch in Swift, for fun!

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This article is going to show you how to make a snowy App using Swift.

It is going to look like the following:

Let us get started!

Oh yes, if you just want to get to the code download from the Repo.

The tutorial

Open Xcode

Select New>Project…

Create a new project with the New App template

Set up the project

Make sure you have the project set up as a Swift Project

Set up the storyboard

Select Main.storyboard, and use the + to find a UIView

Drag that UIView onto the storyboard, and pin it to the top of the screen using the techniques described here, and make the height to be 150.
Make the background of the main view back (this is going to be a dark night!), and also make the color of your new UIView to be black as well:

Connect the UIView by selecting the assistant editor with control-option-commmand-enter and dragging to the code. Call this view snowView when you connect with the following options:

Now you can replace the code in the view controller with the following:


It is a fun Christmas time for everyone! I hope that you have enjoyed coding this year, and are going to have fun through the New Year and beyond!

I appreciate this was just a little but of fun, but I hope that it has brought some cheer to your year!

If you’ve any questions, comments or suggestions please hit me up on Twitter

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