Embed a UICollectionView Inside a UITableViewCell

That is, so it works

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Image by Gary Bending @kris_ricepees

Before we start


Keywords and Terminology

This project


What this project is, and what it isn’t

The look of the project

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The implementation

The gotcha — let a UITableViewCell consume gesture

contentView.isUserInteractionEnabled = false

The UIViewController

var data = [[UIColor.red, UIColor.green, UIColor.blue, UIColor.green, UIColor.purple, UIColor.orange, UIColor.blue, UIColor.green, UIColor.blue, UIColor.green], [UIColor.brown, UIColor.green], [UIColor.blue, UIColor.green], [UIColor.blue, UIColor.green], [UIColor.blue, UIColor.green]]
cell.updateCellWith(row: data[indexPath.row])

The UITableViewCell


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