I pick images from unsplash. Please look at my articles (I have over 400) and you’ll see there are a variety of images that I’ve used from static objects, to men, to women to animals to…anything I find on unsplash. I would encourage you to look at all of my articles as I believe the images I have picked are not offensive and contain a variety of images, and where of people I have not exclusive picked women.

None of the images are intended to be offensive, I am sorry that you find this particular image not to your liking. The woman is fully clothed, and the pose is neither suggestive nor overtly sexual so I would say appropriate for this article. I’m not sure when the image was taken (you could contact the Ryan Moreno for that), but I think it is still a valid image to use in 2020.

Here is an image of some articles that I’ve published — if this particular article doesn’t show a fair balance of the developer community in your opinion perhaps in the round they offer a bit or a better mix in you opinion?

Image for post
Image for post

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