NEW!! WWDC 2020 Special Keynote

It’s not all for developers!!

Photo by Onlineprinters on Unsplash


The new App library automatically organises your Apps. Wonderful — Apple can you do the same with my filing system at home?


Finally they’ll switch devices without making me open and close the case like a buffoon. Thanks Apple!


The iPad will get lots of the new features that are being brought to iOS (not surprisingly, as iOS and iPadOS are extremely close).

Watch OS.

Apple are bringing a sleep tracking mode to Watch OS. Hopefully the next hardware revision will bring sufficient battery life…(!)


Big Sur (along with a comedy reason for naming it…watch the keynote) will (drum roll) work on ARM Macs. Yes, the Mac is to transition from Intel to “Apple silicone” which is ARM architecture. That is, the whole Mac lineup is transferring to ARM (although there will be new Intel models this year).


Apple have staked much on privacy in the past, and it certainly does not seem like this is going to change in the near future. Translations can be provided on device meaning less data sent to…who knows where. On that theme, Apps will announce what they are doing with private data right on the App Store (developers self-reporting, let us see how that works).

Conclusion: Marks out of 10?

It’s an ARM out of an Intel. Sorry, an Apple silicon out of a Emoji. Isn’t it? Yes

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