Objective-C Keywords in Swift

Dynamic or synthesize

Steven Curtis


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I’ve been looking at some Objective-C keywords recently. Follow this article and see what I’ve learned!

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This article has been developed using Xcode 15.0, and Swift 5.9


synthesize: In Objective-C, @synthesize automatically generates the getter and setter methods for a property declared in the class interface.

dynamic: The @dynamic keyword in Objective-C tells the compiler that the accessor methods for a property will be provided dynamically at runtime, often through the Objective-C runtime features.


@dynamic tells the compiler that the accessor methods are provided at runtime.

This is used to indicate that the accessor methods for a property (getter and setter) are implemented manually or will be provided at runtime, rather than being automatically synthesized by the compiler. This is often used in conjunction with runtime features or when integrating with other frameworks that require specific handling of property access.

final class MyClass: NSObject {
@objc dynamic func exampleMethod() {
print("Example Method")

let myObject…