Set up a development environment on a Mac

How can you get going as quickly as possible?

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  • Some knowledge of the mac


Homebrew: A package manager for the Mac


You might be starting a new job. You might have a new Mac. For whatever reason you need to set up your Mac to be ready to develop as quickly as possible. This guide will help you.

Getting Xcode

You can either get Xcode from or use the terminal:

Set up Homebrew

You can amend your PATH to allow the homebrew tools to take precedence over other installed versions.

Set up finder

Drag Macintosh HD into locations so it is always avaliable

Getting Slack

You can either get slack from

Xcode command line tools

Command line tools (if not already installed)

Update Git

If you want to install the updated version (not the one included with command line tools.

Config Git

Install Visual Studio Code

Install Sublimetext

Create SSH Keys

We create a SSH directory

Set up Java with Homebrew

We (of course) will need an up to date install of the Java JDK.

Install LibreOffice

Install iTerm2

Install Chrome

Install Postman

Install SourceTree

Install Gimp

Remove App Store applications

Run updates from the App store

  • /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/
  • /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/

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