Stop Hard-Coding Colors in iOS Apps

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The Approach

Designing for Dark Mode

Switching to dark mode in the Storyboard

Switching to dark mode dynamically in Xcode

Dynamic images

let image = UIImage(named: "photo")let asset = image?.imageAssetlet resolvedImage = asset?.image(with: traitCollection)

Make your own dynamic colors

let myColor = UIColor { (traitCollection: UITraitCollection) -> UIColor in
if traitCollection.userInterfaceStyle == .dark {
return .black
} else {
return .white
print (myColor.cgColor.components)
// 1let traitCollection = view.traitCollectionlet resolvedColor = myColor.resolvedColor(with: traitCollection
// 2traitCollection.performAsCurrent {    // set border color, or similar Core Graphics color}
// 3UITraitCollection.current = traitCollection// set border color, or similar Core Graphics color
override func traitCollectionDidChange(_ previousTraitCollection: UITraitCollection?) {
if traitCollection.hasDifferentColorAppearance(comparedTo: previousTraitCollection) {
// reset dynamic colors

Make your whole App light or dark mode


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