Text Scroll using SwiftUI

Like Star Wars? Done!

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Imagine that you want to create a scrolling view Star-Wars style. Well, Imagine no longer!

Difficulty: **Beginner** | Easy | Normal | Challenging<br/>

This article has been developed using Xcode 11.5, and Swift 5.2.4


The example

This example is a nice one about how to scroll text up the screen in SwiftUI using instance methods on the Text struct.

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To find out the height of the device I used GeometryReader which is wrapped around the Text view.

Let us see the code, let us see the code. Ok: here it is.

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Click for Gist


Look, this text scroll does not work perfectly. However, this is an interesting tutorial exploring how to lay out Text and change the properties of the text in Swift that can be expanded into your SwiftUI projects.

The full code is hosted on GitHub

Have fun!

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