The Apple Watch is the one we’ve been waiting for

They say Apple have hit peak stasis. Not in wearables they haven’t.

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Apple have finally delivered a watch worth buying. Here we explore the Wonder watch and the features that might make you want one, and a couple of features that might make you want to stay away.

How you can convince yourself you really need it

Avoiding the technical explanation around the workings of the screen all you need to know is this: it is always on. It does dim, but this is substantially better than the old system of “raise to wake” (as many times as is required until the screen comes on). A massive improvement in fact.

The white watch sell might be ceramic, but all you really need to know is that it looks gorgeous.

Really? I can’t believe that it isn’t in the old models. Great if you use your phone as an easy to see navigation device apart from your phone.

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18 hours is still NOT all-day battery life. Some of us work longer shifts than that, and there is nothing more annoying that a watch that can’t last as long as you do. Without wireless charging on the back of the phone (what happened to that rumoured feature?) you’re left having to take a puck with you run out of juice at that vital moment.

It carries the same shell as the old version, which doesn’t help the guy who says hello to you in the elevator know that you’ve got a new watch. You’ll have to speak to him instead.

Not something that directly is Apple’s fault. If you subscribe to Spotify rather than Apple Music you’re out of luck. Since in some territories Apple Music is substantially more expensive than Spotify you may have to factor in an increased subscription. Or never take the Apple Watch on a run (which is not going to happen).

If you need to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it. Seriously. It’s crazy.

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We are finally moving on from that first Apple watch — called the S0 — that tethered you to your iPhone and struggled to provide any real reason to own it.

It took a long time to add Apple Pay — that first killer feature. It is taken 5 generations (6 if you could that S0) to have a worthwhile screen. Now it’s here, we recommend you pick one up at the earliest opportunity!

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