The Essential Junior iOS Developer Skills 2021

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  • Creative, hardworking and an eye for detail
  • Excellent communication skills
Job advert in London, retrieved 14/04/21

What should we learn in order to become an iOS developer?

What is actually being looked for?

The required skills to grab that Junior iOS developer job:

Here are the headline technical minimum requirements, as I see them:

  1. Understanding of the IDE (Usually Xcode) (
  2. Have some understanding of GIT, in Xcode and the command line
  3. Understand mobile design, show some understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  4. Be able to develop, parse data and populate a UITableView from an API endpoint.
  5. Be able to answer questions about the general iOS SDK

Don’t read this article

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Do not even look at the list below, before going through the best guide

Use this Stanford University Course: If you want to learn SwiftUI use the latest version, if you want to study UIKit with Swift use the slightly older versions. If you want to study iOS Apps using Objective-C use the versions that are older still. All of the information is there, for free.

Still here? Let us continue

Are you ready?

Breaking the knowledge down

1. The language

So what you can do about it?

There is much too much to learn. In order to get your career going, what are you going to do?


You can do this. You can study and get yourself a great job in an area where there is a skills shortage.

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