Top iOS and Swift Developer Interview Questions for 2023

iOS Job Hunters Get Ready

Steven Curtis


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The tenure of a software developer is often cited as between one and three years. If you’re not new to a job, you are probably looking for your next move.

What are the top questions based around in 2023 for iOS developers?

Top Essential Interview Topics


Similar to classes, but safe to use in concurrent environments. Details

app ID / bundle ID
App ID identifies one or more Apps from a development team, locally.
Bundle ID uniquely identifies each App, on Apple’s side.

Access control
open Classes can be used within the module, or where imported. Allows subclassing outside the module.
public Entities can be used within the module. Allows subclassing only within the module.
internal Entities can be used within the module.
fileprivate Entities can be used within their defining file.
private Entities can be used within their enclosing declaration


App states
There are 5 App states:
not running Not launched
inactive Foreground not running events (transitioning states)
active Executing code in the foreground
background Executing code in the background
suspended Not executing code in the background

The application transitions through the App states from not running, briefly through inactive and through to active when launched.

The application briefly moves to background while being moved to suspended. While in background code can be run, but once moved to suspended is no…