Use Gestures: Even in Swift Playgrounds

You can use gestures for code written in Playgrounds!

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Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Did you know that Playgrounds has support for gestures? No? Read on and find out!

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You might be aware that Swift’s Playgrounds are a great way to write and test code quickly and easily.

Did you also know you can use liveView and gestures to create a fully functioning app?

Let’s go!

The end product

You’ll be able to drag and drop a shape on the background. Like (you know) in a very simple App. However — this will be happening in Playgrounds.

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The explanation

Setting up the Playground

PlaygroundSupport has all you need to make the most of your playground experience.

By this I mean you can add

import PlaygroundSupport

which enables a collection of great features. One of these is to (assuming we have a MyViewController() UIViewController (or even UIView) instantiated somewhere in the project).

PlaygroundPage.current.liveView = MyViewController()

Using a Gesture

For this tutorial I’ve picked a pan gesture because it’s, you know, fun.

Dragging around a UIView — why wouldn’t you?

To do so we set up the pan recogniser in viewDidLoad() with the following couple of lines

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which calls our method to handle the pan:

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And.. that’s it.

You can click on the view and drag it around the screen!

Setting up the reset of the project

If you would want a guide to setting up the whole project, I can tell you that using loadView() is the right way to go, but for a less subtle hint here is the whole code for a copy-pasta opportunity for you. Of course you can also download the code using the Gist below:

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