Why go to developer conferences?

8 reasons why going to a conference might be the best thing you have ever done.

Day 1 of #iOSConfSG 2019 went with a bang, with speaker Soroush Khanlou stepping us through abstracting problems in a way that not only makes code robust, but enhances testability.

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image: @iosconfsg

Not only that, he had a take on DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) that I’ve never seen before and was certainly food for thought.

Maybe I just got lucky with the quality of speakers at this conference. Why should you go to a developer conference


It is important to keep your skills fresh and up to date. Where better than a conference where you can clear your head away from your day-to-day work and focus on improving what you do and love.

Souroush Khanlou on Don’t repeat yourself

Get out of the office

It isn’t just about taking a break. It is about regaining alignment to your job, career and ultimately your employer. Rather than just a day out, employees tend to return to the office energised after conferences, with new ideas and impetus.

Meet the experts

Even within the best organisations there can be the “not invented here” syndrome, or a silo mentality where it is forgotten that there is a world outside your comfy work family.

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Paul Hudson of Hacking with Swift @iOSConfSG 2019 image: @iosconfsg

Conferences can have top quality experts and even if you are an expert in a subset of your domain there is still plenty to learn.

Build better, faster

Your organisation may never have heard of testing. Your boss may want you to be more productive. Imagine how popular (and closer to that next promotion) you will be on your return with a notebook of new ideas.


A main reason to visit a conference is to meet likeminded people. Conferences are great to build your professional network (you have LinkedIn, right?) who can later help you with that tricky problem or open a career door you didn’t know to open. Conferences are full of likeminded people, from different geographic regions giving…

A Worldwide viewpoint

As you might expect from Asia’s largest conference there were plenty of people from the Asian continent. But perhaps unbelievably there were participants from 28 countries at today’s conference. Ideas from all around the world!

More than a meetup

Many developers have been to meetups . If you haven’t, you really should as the different perspectives, approaches and technical skills that can be picked up are virtually endless.

A conference? They are like a meetup on steroids.

A talk on the Art of Designing code. Where else would you get that?

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Mischa Hildebrand delivering the Art of Designing Code

Take your chances

There are few conferences in Asia. When they come along you really have to take your chances, as travelling to Europe or America from Asia is difficult and time consuming.

The return on your investment for a day or two are clear; you should be learning to take your career to the next level. Do all you can. You owe it to yourself, and your career.

Just a few thoughts after day one of the conference. I wonder what day two will bring?

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