Why I Blog About Swift On Medium

Not for the same reason as many others

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

You know what, I’m really surprised. People have found my subscription link and used it to Sign up to Medium supporting me, others have subscribed to me on YouTube. This has never been a money making adventure for me, and I’m overwhelmed that people have enjoyed my content enough to go out of their way to help me out. Amazing.

Which brings me onto this article. Why exactly have I published hundreds of articles on Medium of all places? Let me explain to you.


I love to learn! However I find I require an output from my work in order to make it stick in my memory, and even better writing helps me to remember what I’ve learnt about (and of course writing here gives me a record or my work).

You’ll notice that my articles are really about Swift programming and mobile development. I’m using these blogs to develop myself and my career. That is the primary reason for these articles, but I also hope that others gain benefit from these articles and enjoy reading them!

I do love to have my work available, for me as much as anyone else (I find my own articles to be just a Google search away!).

Expressing myself

Some of my work is tutorials, and people seem to enjoy following them. However, I can challenge the use of the Agile methodology and write an article about it and you know what — some people even read those opinions.

Developing writing skills

Work really is all about communication. Writing develops those communication skills, and this really does come in use. Now, expanding those communication skills to YouTube? That’s a different story…


I could develop my own platform or expand one of my own websites into a blogging platform. I could then work to build an audience and generate an income through sponsorships and talks or similar. But that would take time away from writing articles, and I just want to write articles.

Medium gives some some audience and some promotion from their website (they do have a good SEO position). It takes that work away from me, and allows me to use my time as efficiently as possible. I find that rather great!


More that anything I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in writing these articles, and I really appreciate what it has given me.