Why Most iOS Developers Won’t Buy iPhone 15, But I Am

Maybe You Are Too?

Steven Curtis
3 min readSep 12, 2023
The new iPhone 15

As soon as a new iPhone is launched I get excited. I start to think about what I could do with all of the extra features and power that a new handset offers.

One thing strikes me though. My colleagues don’t seem quite so interested. Here is what I think might be going on, and what might they miss out on?

Why Developers Don’t Typically Upgrade

Limited utility

The way I see it we don’t always need the latest and greatest devices. Some current developers are using iPhone 7 as their daily development unit. I guess as long as your device supports the features you need to test (that aren’t supported by the simulator) you don’t need to spend more money than necessary.

Lack of interest in Apple

Some developers I know use an Android as their personal device! That might seem quite extreme but there is a difference in developing for Apple products and using them as a consumer.

Enough to do

Perhaps other developers have enough to do without worrying about the latest and greatest. After all, we really need to keep up with Swift and OS developments rather than just hardware…