WWDC 2023: Simplify distribution in Xcode and Xcode Cloud

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Steven Curtis


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This article is intended as a companion to Apple’s video and does not replace it in any way. However, I find having a text file like this much more helpful than just a video but I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments how useful this is.

Archiving for the simulator

An archive is a record of the app build and contains an optimized release build. It contains debug symbols which are useful to understand crash logs from the application. Archives are ultimately repacked depending on the chosen destination.

The usual method is to archive from the menu.

Although a specific simulator may be selected, the archive contains the architectures required to run on any iOS device.

Distribute your app with new streamlined methods

New in Xcode 15 we can one-click upload our archive

TestFlight internal only streamlined option

This enables testing internally, if the app build will never be sent to the app store.

App Store Connect + Push Notifications

App Store Connect has not changed too much, so there is not too much to say here!

Xcode gives push notifications when the process is completed, giving a visual indicator of when the work is complete.

Automation with Xcode Cloud

Xcode are coming for Fastlane! Xcode Cloud has workflows that can be created.

Selecting this, if you do not already have a Git repository for the current…