WWDC Forced Me To Upgrade. Surprise Consequences of the iOS AI Revolution

A Rushed Purchase

Steven Curtis
3 min readJun 17, 2024
The new Macbook Air

I’m an iOS Developer, and it may or may not be a surprise to you that I enjoy coding!

When Apple announce the new features for Swift, Xcode and the rest of it I’m excited! This year was no exception, with the main excitement coming in the form of AI enhancements.

This isn’t the type of fun I’d have at work with my locked-down machine, so I fired up my personal MacBook Pro and got ready to go!

My Legacy Machine

First I needed to install the latest Mac OS. No problem, I set up a dual-boot partition.

I needed to download the Beta version of Xcode. No problem.

Then…Where is the code completion?

I was meant to see the following, but the Predictive Code Completion Model was missing entirely. What was going on?

The dialogue I didn’t see,

What could be going on? I can’t blame my Touchbar for now allowing this new feature.

It turns out there is a problem with the machine. A big problem indeed.