Your first JavaScript Application — without a PC!

You can code in JavaScript without installing a thing. Or using your mobile phone. Here is how!

JavaScript helps you out coding, particularly for HTML and theWeb.

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Browser: A software application that lets you visit web pages on the Internet

Character: A written character, usually associated with a letter of the alphabet

Console: A simple window for programming that can display output and (usually) process input

“Hello, World!”: A program or script that outputs “Hello World” to the console or has some other way of displaying the appropriate message

Integrated Development Environment (IDE): An application that provides a set of features that are used by software developers to create computer software

JavaScript: The language of HTML and the Web

Online IDE: An IDE which can run your code through the Internet (often leveraging a browser)

String: A collection of Characters

The resources

You will need to have a Browser installed on your machine. You have one because you are reading this article (well done).

You will then need to traverse to, which you can actually do by just clicking the link right there, to the left.

The code

Inevitably, the playcode environment automatically has a Hello World message that it prints to the console.

Therefore, to make this easier (as the console log is actually relatively complicated) just delete everything in the code window, and replace it with the following:

console.log("Hello, World")

Then in the top-right hand corner press the green play button.

At this point, the seminal Hello World message appears in the main console screen!

The video guide

You can watch the whole video from start to finish!


Writing your first program in JavaScript is not too much of a challenge — in fact here you have avoided even installing anything on your machine other than a browser (that you probably already had installed).

But there is an important point:

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However, it is the first building block on a programming journey that many people have started. It is also crucial to become familiar with the terminology and ideas behind programming, and this has been a great start.

You’ve done great. Well done!

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