It might just use you though

You might be having a bad day. We all do sometimes. Some people make videos on those days.

You’re a software developer and you can’t seem to think. That means you aren’t doing your job! Perhaps your language isn’t even performing simple Maths as you might expect.

Make it easy for yourself

What’s the problem

There are many issues in the world of programming. The most tricky? Probably naming — it’s a huge problem.

Other issues? Introducing complexity into your Application that can make it tricky to maintain, read or understand.

This article will go through some of the common issues! If you’ve problems with…

The Sprint Backlog: How it might help you!



Scrum: A framework to support agile for software products

Sprint: A set period of time during which work must be completed and made…

I’ve started doing this!

Yes, we have all read articles about the use of Swift’s language features. I would claim that things like Swift’s constants are actually reasonably easy to implement. But how would I actually use them in a project?

Remembering the format

I think Constants should always be nouns in the…

You know how you can always do things better in life. Certainly you can. I’ve previously created a micro-project around downloading a JSON String and writing the result to the screen.

There is nothing special going on in terms of the completion — I’m just returning a closure ((Users)…

An essential data structure

An array is store of the same type of data. Now, not every programming language is zero indexed, but pretty much every one that you might use is. So if you’re not sure what a zero indexed array is this is the article for you! …

Not for the same reason as many others

You know what, I’m really surprised. People have found my subscription link and used it to Sign up to Medium supporting me, others have subscribed to me on YouTube. This has never been a money making adventure for me, and I’m overwhelmed that people have enjoyed my content enough to…

So be careful with this one!

I’ve previously written about defer which is used in Swift to clean up resources before exiting a given scope. Which is nice.

Oh, and there is also a video that you might like to watch about exactly this topic:

However, it seems that defer works in reverse to the…

System Analysis? Can


  • None, but you will be expected to understand something about creating Swift projects


Actors: A role played by the user with respect to interacting with the system

Trigger: The initiator of a Use Case

Use Case: A methodology used in system analysis to identify, classify and organise system requirements


Considerations for Larger Applications

Some think of mobile development as Front-End Development, and developers working in the field don’t need to consider scalability factors in their development.

Rather than limiting your career in this way, it would be much better to think about how your software can be scalable and support users well into…

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