An essential data structure

Programming with Arrays

An essential data structure

An array is store of the same type of data. Now, not every programming language is zero indexed, but pretty much every one that you might use is. So if you’re not sure what a zero indexed array is this is…

Not for the same reason as many others

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I love to learn! However I find I require an output from my work in order…

So be careful with this one!

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func testDefer() {
defer {print("Do this at the end")}
print("Do some stuff")

System Analysis? Can

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  • None, but you will be expected to understand something about creating Swift projects


Actors: A role played by the user with respect to interacting with the system

What is a Use Case?

Business Analysts require a way to communicate how a system should behave when running (possibly as part of a wider system…

Considerations for Larger Applications

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The architecture

Choosing a software architecture is essential not just for the development of software, but the maintenance and ease of adding new features in the future. There are many good reasons why MVVM-C has become so popular (particularly when a factory is used for…

Just do it once

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Idempotence: A changeable definition

I’ve previously defined Idempotent as “An operation that produces the same results if executed multiple times”

A basic example

Sets in Swift

It is possible!

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The output

The idea of this project is to create a `UITableView` with a gradient right behind it. The resultant project will run in the simulator with something like the following:

You can have both!

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Storyboard: A visual representation of the User Interface of an Application

The Implementation

We might wish to load a XIB file from a storyboard. Equally we might wish to load a View Controller from a XIB file.

Understand your Context

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We might not always want to implement them!

Keywords and Terminology

Protocol: A blueprint on methods, properties and requirements to suit a piece of functionality

The problem

Protocols are great in Swift! Absolutely fantastic!

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